Varnish after 2.0.x - Your input needed

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Sat Oct 18 12:52:05 CEST 2008

Hi gang,

With a little luck, things will now settle down after the 2.0 release
frenzy, and in about a weeks time we will set our eyes on 2.1 and

To help that effort, I need your input.

The major feature of 2.1 is going to be persistent storage,
and the aim is to release that before midsummer next year.

What happens along with that and beyond that is largely a matter
of finding time and/or sponsors.

To get a sense of where people want Varnish to go and what to focus
on, I would like if each of you please would take a moment to study:

I am mostly interested in your input with respect to the "Major
workpackages" part of this page, so if you could drop me
an (private) email where you rate them on a scale of:

	* This would be a mistake (please tell me why)
	* I would like this
	* I'm willing to (help) pay for this.

The second part of the file contains a number of minor ideas,
which I suspect we will get along the way, but if any of them
are important, they can be elevated to the top list.

I am of course also interested in things missing from the list,
so feel free to suggest ideas (including your rating).

Thanks in advance,


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