Custom varnishncsa Log Format?

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Mon Sep 29 14:13:12 CEST 2008

]] "Loesche, Lukas, ZD-Scoyo" 

| I got a question regarding custom ncsa log formats. Are they possible?

Not at the moment.

| We got varnish behind a loadbalancer. The loadbalancer sets the
| X-Forwarded-For Header. When processing logs using varnishncsa I'd like to
| see the content of X-Forwarded-For as remote addr, instead of the
| loadbalancer's source IP.


| Is there an easy way to achieve this, without having to write a custom
| varnishlog parser that generates ncsa output?

I added the -f switch to varnishncsa in commit 3237 which allows you to
do this.

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