varnish stopped answering :80

Ray Barnes at
Thu Apr 2 06:01:55 CEST 2009


Today a site that I'm caching with Varnish got hit with a massive
amount of traffic after being plugged on a syndicated radio show in
the US.  What happened is that it stopped answering port 80 after a
while.  The daemon was still running, and I did not think to telnet in
and look at any of the stats - I simply restarted it to get the site
back online.  The daemon is being run like this:  varnishd -a :80 -b
ip.ip.ip.ip:80 -T ip.ip.ip.ip:6082 -s malloc -w200,1200,300 .
Platform is Linux 2.6 (RHEL 5.2).  Is there anything blatantly wrong
with this syntax?  Anything I should add/fix/whatever?

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!


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