Internal redirecition with dynamic backend (fetch 302 and return content)

Augustin Amann augustin at
Wed Apr 22 08:41:58 CEST 2009


I'm looking for a reverse-proxy system with internal redirection, and I 
wonder if varnish can do the job.
I need the reverse proxy to act as a User-Agent with 302, and fetch 
content instead of returning 302 to the client,
to mimic 303 with 302 I think.

1) RP do GET to the backend
2) backend reply a 302 to another server
3) RP do a GET to this new location
4) RP return content and store it.

Maybe i can use restart, like [1].
I have no idea where the new location (gived by 302) is, this could be a 
problem for a reverse proxy !
So I think it's not realy the varnish way to deal with "dynamic 
backend", but vcl is powerfull,
and if I can define backend host and url on the fly, it could save my day !

Or if there is another way, that's fine to me ...

Best regards,



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