Varnish, long lived cache and purge on change

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Just to follow up to myself after trying to hack up a solution in -trunk:

>I seem to recall that the locking is benign.

Make that "Mostly benign" :-)

>Probably the more interesting question is how aggressive you want it to
>be: if it is too militant, it will cause a lot of needless disk activity.

There was actually a far more interesting question, or rather issue:

The lurker thread does not have a HTTP request.

That means that we can not evaluate a ban test like "req.url ~ foo":
we simply don't have a req.url to compare with.

So provided you only have obj.* tests in your bans, it is possible,
for req.* tests it is a no go...

The obvious workaround is evident, store the req.* fields you need in
obscure obj.* headers (possibly stripping them in vcl_deliver).

With that caveat, give r4206 a shot if you dare...

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