Slow connections

Henry Paulissen h.paulissen at
Wed Dec 23 00:41:27 CET 2009

Next one.

Did you tune the tcp fin timeout? (on both servers)
Linux will standard holds all connection open till it hits the fin timeout
length (tcp_fin and tcp_fin2).
We decreased it to 3.

HAProxy support:
Do you forced a http connection close in haproxy?
If all connections are in keep-alive your queue will fill up real quick.


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Thanks Henry, nf_conntrack_max is set high on both machines. I've had 
the full table issue before :P

On 12/22/09 2:58 PM, Henry Paulissen wrote:
> Have a look to the conntrack setting in the kernel (sysctl) on both sides.
> It could be that your conntrack is full (connectrack only exists if you
> iptables with netfilter_conntrack).
> Regards,
> Henry
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> I am seeing a good amount (1/100) of connections to varnish (from
> haproxy) taking 3 seconds. My first thought was the connection backlog
> but somaxconn and listen_depth are both set higher than the number of
> connections. Anyone have any suggestions on how to track down what is
> causing this or settings I can use to try to aleviate it?
> Thanks.
> -Joe

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