2.1 plans

Per Buer perbu at linpro.no
Thu Jan 8 20:00:21 CET 2009


Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> Hi,
> a short while before Christmas, I wrote up a small document pointing to
> what I would like to get into 2.1 and when I'd like milestones to
> happen.  This is a suggestion, I'm open to ideas and comments on both
> feature set as well as if my guesstimates for dates is completely off:
> Varnish 2.1 release plan
>  (..)

As the money man in the project I would like to say that if anybody
misses anything on the feature list we are happy to talk to sponsors
about it. Send me or varnish at linpro.no an email and we'll discuss it.
Your feature might not go into the mainline right away but we'll be
happy to support a patched version of varnish until we are able to put
the patch into a proper release.



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