Cacheability - changed in Varnish 2?

Anton Stonor stonorn at
Tue Jan 27 14:54:44 CET 2009

Hi there,

Is it just me, my setup or has "cacheable" classification changed 
between Varnish 1 and Varnish 2?

In the old days you could just say e.g.

sub vcl_fetch {
         set obj.ttl = 1d;

and Varnish would cache everything for one day.

I Varnish 2 it looks like the objects must have either "Cache-Control" 
or "Expires" to be cached at all -- and then you can tamper with obj.ttl 
afterwards. If the backend doesn't set those headers, "set obj.ttl" 
doesn't seem have any effect.

It feels a bit limiting compared to the old days. If I want to cache 
more aggressive its much easier just to change a few lines in the 
Varnish conf than adding cache headers to the backend.

So is there a way to configure Varnish 2 to cache objects with no cache 


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