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Wed Jan 28 11:05:54 CET 2009

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>, "BUSTARRET, Jean-francois" writes:

>+1 for some house-cleaning.
>- Speaking of bans, is grace used for "banned" objets ?
>If i "ban" an object, the first request will regenerate it from the =
>back-end. Will following requests be getting the stale version during =
>regeneration ?

That's another thing I'm looking at right now, I would like to add
a bit of grading to bans, so that they can take the sematics of
"mark expired" (so it will be used for grace) vs. "GONE!" where
it will never be seen again.

>- For the CLI, why not add a "compatible mode" (inactive by default) to =
>remove the greeting ?

Mostly because I generally hate that kind of pointless options :-)

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