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Paras Fadte plfgoa at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 17:25:36 CET 2009

Why is it not possible to purge a URL from CLI for a particular host ?


On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 6:40 PM, Ricardo Newbery <ric at digitalmarbles.com> wrote:
> On Jan 28, 2009, at 4:30 AM, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> In message, Ricardo Newbery writes:
>>> On Jan 28, 2009, at 4:19 AM, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>>>> Purge wouldn't be a CLI command
>>> Ah, okay...  why not?
>> Because you don't have a cached object at hand to purge, all you can
>> do from the CLI is to add bans that will deal with the objects when
>> they are found in the cache later on.
>> Your question is -exactly- why I want the rename:  purge sounds like
>> something happens to the object right now, and that is not possible
>> from the CLI context.
> Sure, I understand the motivation.  But FWIW, I already knew what
> purge meant in the varnish context.  I'm just trying to understand the
> implications of the proposed change.
> I'm unclear on why we can't acquire the cached object from the CLI to
> do the purge.  I imagine the most common usecase is to purge based on
> a known url, and with the url don't we have enough information to get
> at the cache and purge all variants?
> Ric
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