Varnish munin plugin trouble

Kristian Lyngstol kristian at
Fri Jul 17 11:44:05 CEST 2009

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 11:04:20AM +0200, Norman Leutner wrote:
> Thanks for the hint, it's been the PATH...
> [varnish_*]
> env.varnishstat /usr/local/bin/varnishstat
> works fine now.

Glad to hear it :)
> I found a small mistake in your plugin, when using multiple varnish
> installations on a server:
> 645 $arg .= " -l $varnishname";
> should be
> 645 $arg .= " -n $varnishname";
> -l # Lists the available fields to use

Fixed, nice catch.

> Have you ever thought of writing a plugin which catches the most 
> frequent requests passed to the apache server?

You can achieve this with varnishtop: 

varnishtop -i TxURL

It'll list all backend requests and sort by which is most frequently
requested. Fairly useful.

This is realtime, though, so it'll have to keep running. If we want a
script to gather this data over time, it'll essentially be the same as
varnishtop but a daemon of sorts. So far, I've settled with varnishtop.

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