Memory spreading, then stop responding

Rob S rtshilston at
Wed Jul 29 11:04:55 CEST 2009

>>>> Thanks Darryl.  However, I don't think this solution will work in our
>>>> usage.  We're running a blog.  Administrators get un-cached access,
>>>> straight through varnish.  Then, when they publish, we issue a purge
>>>> across the entire site.  We need to do this as there's various bits of
>>>> navigation that'd need to be updated.  I can't see that we can do this
>>>> if we set obj.ttl.
>>>> Has anyone any recommendations as to how best to deal with purges 
>>>> like this?
>>> If you're issuing a PURGE across the entire site, why not simply 
>>> restart Varnish with an empty cache?
>>> --Michael
>> Because Varnish is also working for other hosts which don't need 
>> purging at the same time...
> My company gets around this madness by versioning its URLs.  It works 
> pretty well.
> --Michael

Thanks.  Are there any varnish developers who can comment on this 
memory-usage-growth-when-purging?  I can't see any open tickets for 
this, and I'm sure there are several mailing list members who might like 
to contribute a bounty for development of a fix to this.


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