Converting config to use inline

Gaute Amundsen gaute at
Wed Jun 3 15:55:56 CEST 2009


After removing comments, how would I have to process the normal config file to 
be able to load it as a string using vcl.inline?

I have tried a number of varieties, but often as not, varnish will hang, or 

This line from a test I found fails as well.

"\n\tbackend b { .host = \"\"; }\n\tacl a {\n\t\t\"\"/31;
\n\t\t\"\"/31;\n\t}\n\tsub vcl_recv { if (client.ip ~ a) { pass; } }\n"

I could make it work by pasting into telnet, but not with varnishadm, or 
python telnetlib for that matter.

Any suggestions?

Gaute Amundsen

Programmerer - Pixelhospitalet AS
Prinsessealleen 50, 0276 Oslo 
Tlf. 24 12 97 81 - 9074 7344

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