varnishncsa backend logging

Alecs Henry alecshenry at
Fri Jun 5 04:49:18 CEST 2009

Hey guys!

I've just run into the most peculiar problem..
Actually, I just now realized this happened..

Logging the requests to the backend with varnishncsa, generates a log file
that is missing the object lenght field. Actually not missing, but it always
comes out as "-".
This does not happen to client requests log, just backend.

I thought that it could be something related to the VCL, so I tested with an
empty vcl (just the backend declarations) and the problem persists.

Looking into varnishlog, it shows the object being fetched from the backend
alright, but all the content-lenght headers are not there (nor in RxHeader
or ObjHeader), yet varnish knows the size of the object and delivers it to
the client with the correct lenght header.
I would think that varnish does not recompute the size of the object in
order to deliver it to the client..

So the question is: what is happening?

Running 2.0.4 in debian lenny amd64.

If anyone can confirm that this is the case in their installation and maybe
provide it would be great!


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