Varnish hangs / requests time out

Ross Brown ross at
Wed Mar 4 06:16:10 CET 2009

Hi all

We are hoping to use Varnish for serving image content on our reasonably busy auction site here in New Zealand, but are having an interesting problem during testing.

We are using latest Varnish (2.0.3) on Ubuntu 8.10 server (64-bit) and have built two servers for testing - both are located in the same datacentre and situated behind an F5 hardware load balancer. We want to keep all images cached in RAM and are using Varnish with jemalloc to achieve this. For the most part, Varnish is working well for us and performance is great.

However, we have seen both our Varnish servers lock up at precisely the same time and stop processing incoming HTTP requests until Varnishd is manually restarted. This has happened twice and seems to occur at random - the last time was after 5 days of uptime and a significant amount of processed traffic (<1TB).

When this problem happens, the backend is still reachable and happily serving images. It is not a particularly busy period for us (600 requests/sec/Varnish server - approx 350Mbps outbound each - we got up to nearly 3 times that level without incident previously) but for some reason unknown to us, the servers just suddenly stop processing requests and worker processes increase dramatically. 

After the lockup happened last time, I tried firing up varnishlog and hitting the server directly - my requests were not showing up at all. The *only* entries in the varnish log were related to worker processes being killed over time - no PINGs, PONGs, load balancer healthchecks or anything related to 'normal' varnish activity. It's as if varnishd has completely locked up, but we can't understand what causes both our varnish servers to exhibit this behaviour at exactly the same time, nor why varnish does not detect it and attempt a restart. After a restart, varnish is fine and behaves itself.

There is nothing to indicate an error with the backend, nor anything in syslog to indicate a Varnish problem. Pointers of any kind would be appreciated :)

Best regards

Ross Brown
Trade Me

*** Startup Options (as per hints in wiki for caching millions of objects):
-a -f /usr/local/etc/ -T -t 86400 -h classic,1200007 -p thread_pool_max=4000 -p thread_pools=4 -p listen_depth=4096 -p lru_interval=3600 -p obj_workspace=4096 -s malloc,10G

*** Running VCL:
backend default { 
        .host = "";
        .port = "80";   

sub vcl_recv {
        # Don't cache objects requested with query string in URI.
        # Needed for newsletter headers (openrate) and health checks.
        if (req.url ~ "\?.*") {         

        # Force lookup if the request is a no-cache request from the client.
        if (req.http.Cache-Control ~ "no-cache") {
                unset req.http.Cache-Control;

        # By default, Varnish will not serve requests that come with a cookie from its cache.
        unset req.http.cookie;
        unset req.http.authenticate;

        # No action here, continue into default vcl_recv{}

      458887  Client connections accepted
   170714631  Client requests received
   133012763  Cache hits
        3715  Cache hits for pass
    27646213  Cache misses
    37700868  Backend connections success
           0  Backend connections not attempted
           0  Backend connections too many
          40  Backend connections failures
    37512808  Backend connections reuses
    37514682  Backend connections recycles
           0  Backend connections unused
        1339  N struct srcaddr
          16  N active struct srcaddr
         756  N struct sess_mem
          12  N struct sess
      761152  N struct object
      761243  N struct objecthead
           0  N struct smf
           0  N small free smf
           0  N large free smf
         322  N struct vbe_conn
         345  N struct bereq
          20  N worker threads
        2331  N worker threads created
           0  N worker threads not created
           0  N worker threads limited
           0  N queued work requests
       35249  N overflowed work requests
           0  N dropped work requests
           1  N backends
          44  N expired objects
    26886639  N LRU nuked objects
           0  N LRU saved objects
    15847787  N LRU moved objects
           0  N objects on deathrow
           3  HTTP header overflows
           0  Objects sent with sendfile
   164595318  Objects sent with write
           0  Objects overflowing workspace
      458886  Total Sessions
   170715215  Total Requests
         306  Total pipe
    10054413  Total pass
    37700586  Total fetch
 49458782160  Total header bytes
1151144727614  Total body bytes
       89464  Session Closed
           0  Session Pipeline
           0  Session Read Ahead
           0  Session Linger
   170622902  Session herd
  7875546129  SHM records
   380705819  SHM writes
         138  SHM flushes due to overflow
      763205  SHM MTX contention
        2889  SHM cycles through buffer
           0  allocator requests
           0  outstanding allocations
           0  bytes allocated
           0  bytes free
   101839895  SMA allocator requests
     1519005  SMA outstanding allocations
 10736616112  SMA outstanding bytes
562900737623  SMA bytes allocated
552164121511  SMA bytes free
          56  SMS allocator requests
           0  SMS outstanding allocations
           0  SMS outstanding bytes
       25712  SMS bytes allocated
       25712  SMS bytes freed
    37700490  Backend requests made
           3  N vcl total
           3  N vcl available
           0  N vcl discarded
           1  N total active purges
           1  N new purges added
           0  N old purges deleted
           0  N objects tested
           0  N regexps tested against
           0  N duplicate purges removed
           0  HCB Lookups without lock
           0  HCB Lookups with lock
           0  HCB Inserts
           0  Objects ESI parsed (unlock)
           0  ESI parse errors (unlock)

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