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Damien Desmarets list at
Tue Mar 10 09:56:15 CET 2009

For me this is already implemented in varnishstat.

# varnishstat -1 |grep thr
n_wrk                      45          .   N worker threads

No? For me it's 45 working threads.

Damien Desmarets

Rafael Umann a écrit :
> Hi,
> Today we have a lot of useful informations on varnishstat, but there is 
> nothing showing how many threads of those created are really doing 
> something. The problem is how to know when to increase the number of 
> threads, or how to notice that the number of threads in use are almost 100%.
> So, is there a way to see how many threads are working, or is it 
> possible to implement on varnishstat?
> BR,
> []s,
> Rafael
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