purge_hash and regular expressions

Lapo Luchini lapo at lapo.it
Fri Mar 13 11:15:50 CET 2009

Hi there.
I think purge_hash is quite nice, but to be easier to use from VCL code
it would be nice to have a function to "regexp-ize" a constant string,
as I feel a bit conscious about matching too much or too little in using
a normal string as a regular expression, e.g.

'/index.html' also matches '/indexhhtml' (ok, this is just paranoia)
'/index.html?id=1' DOES NOT match itself.

This seems an heavy limit on VCL-driver usage of purge_hash… but maybe
there's a workaround available already that I didn't notice?

be good,

Lapo Luchini - http://lapo.it/

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