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hi sebastien

Am Montag, 23. März 2009 12:32:22 schrieb Sébastien FOUTREL:
> Hello,
> I read a lot of things in the list and varnish sites but some things stay
> fuzzy to me.
> Is there a way to find if something is in the cache, have a map of cached
> content or some script that give one ?

i don't know of a list output. what i do is to use varnishlog or turn on debug 

open varnishlog, request a resource and see at the X-Varnish-Action Header

requesting a resource the first time that gets cached will give you

TxHeader     c X-Varnish-Action: FETCH (insert)

requesting it again will log

TxHeader     c X-Varnish-Action: HIT (deliver - from cache)

personally i'm using some combination with grep that gives me the headers i'm 
interested in:

For debugging all requests to a certain url (eg /test/test/image_mini) and see 
important headers::

varnishlog -c -o  RxURL '^/test/test/image_mini$' | grep -E "RxRequest|RxURL|

> Is it possible to do recursive purge in a way or another ?
> I'd like to purge "www.example.org/that-part/" is to possible to simply
> purge all objects under that url ?

run varnish with the -T option (eg "-T localhost:6182")

connet via telnet:

telnet localhost 6182

and call something like

url.purge /that-part/.*

to see whether to use www.example.org/that-part or just /that-part or any 
other fancy url (you might have a webserver rewrite urls for doing 
virtualhosting) you can use varnishlog again:

varnishlog -c -i RxURL

hope that helps

> Thank you.
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> Sébastien FOUTREL
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