Write error, len = 69696/260844, errno = Success

Rogério Schneider stockrt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 13:27:22 CET 2009

2009/10/29 Václav Bílek <v.bilek at 1art.cz>:
> Is there anyone who can point us where to look to find the problem?
> thanks for any respond


Isn't your problem related to the send_timeout option? Cutting
transfers that take more than send_timeout seconds to deliver, even
before the end of the file?

Take a look at the startup option: "send_timeout" and at this thread:


>  1267 ReqEnd       c 143433511 1256820931.257400990 1256820936.260433674 0.020234823 0.006479740 4.996552944

I can see here that your xmit time was of only 5 seconds. Haven't you
tuned send_timeout to 5 seconds? Oops... :)

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