Saint mode

Anders Nordby anders at
Wed Nov 18 14:52:39 CET 2009


We spoke briefly about in the Varnish meeting. Unfortunately I can not
remember the conclusion(s), so I ask again:

1) How to check in vcl_recv if a request was restarted saintmode? You
mentioned something about checking TTL? Does it matter if that request
is handled with pass or lookup? I want to avoid mixing up restarts due
to saint mode and restarts due to what should have been normal passes in
vcl_fetch (IMO) but which are restarts to handle it in vcl_recv to avoid
"hit for pass" problems.

2) How do use saint mode when backend fails to respond, covering
everything from no response/connection to backend just resetting the
connection? As far as my syslogging shows, connection failures are adressed
in vcl_error and easy/possible to catch in vcl_fetch?

Cheers from Gyoda, Saitama, Japan.


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