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]] Tobias Wilken 

| I've got a strange behavior of varnish and wordpress. After installing
| and configuring wordpress without problems, I get a "Error 503 Service
| Unavailable ... " Error on the front end and a "http format error" in
| the varnishlog, when I try to change the admin password of wordpress.
| I'm not sure on which side the problem lies, does varnish check the
| http format to strictly or does wordpress hopes that the
| webserver/proxies do not interpret the response so exactly. In my
| current opinion it will be a wordpress problem, but it don't make
| sense to talk to the wordpress team, with the information "My varnish
| throws an 'http format error'". So I would like to understand a bit
| better, what this error should tell me and where to find the problem
| more exactly.

It means Varnish has problems dissecting the response from the backend.

As you can see in the log:

   17 LostHeader   b Content-Length: 20

Try compiling Varnish with a higher maximum number of HTTP headers, just
increasing the limit to 64 or so should be ok.

Poul-Henning, should we just bump the default?  Wordpress is fairly
popular and requiring a recompilation to work correctly is a bit on the
heavy side.

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