varnish bottleneck?

Lars Jørgensen itlj at
Mon Nov 30 09:54:09 CET 2009

Den 30/11/2009 kl. 03.51 skrev ll:
> so if in the pipe mode , one of request is "POST",and i set the if POST 
> the pipe. in this situation , I can control only the POST request go to 
> pipe mode.may be some GET request will be pipe also if the GET request 
> after the POST. right ? because the pipe mode end by either backend or 
> client closes the connection . and I don't know when the connect will 
> close . can I understand like that ? Is it rights ?
> and if I set PASS,even though the GET request after the POST, it will be 
> handle by normally (maybe lookup or other settings I had set for GET)
> Is it right ?

Yes, that's the way I understand it, too.


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