SMA outstanding allocations

Henry Paulissen h.paulissen at
Thu Oct 1 09:31:16 CEST 2009

I would like to have some info about SMA outstanding allocations.

What is the meaning of it?
What does it mean if that number is high / increasing with the second
without decreasing over time?
What are the configuration options regarding to this item?

My guess is that it is how many objects there are in a temporary table
(between fetch and the lru), in waiting state to be written to the lru.
If this is true:
What does it mean? Is it that my lru is locked most of the time and
therefore cant be written?
Does the maximum storage option (-s malloc,5G) also affects this storage or
isn't this storage checked for size?
Does the cleanup processes (duplicate content check, remove expired content,
etc) also check this list?

Henry Paulissen

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