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]] Rogério Schneider 

| 2009/10/9 Joe Williams <joe at joetify.com>:
| >
| > Thanks Rogério, I am totally aware that it currently is "client <->
| > varnish" communication that deals with if-none-match. My question is
| ah, ok :)
| > whether it was considered making an option for doing this on "varnish
| > <-> backend" communication as well since it seems like a reasonable way
| > to validate objects in the cache during lookups. Does the varnish
| > project have a (official or unofficial) policy regarding doing
| > backend communication with conditions?
| Now that is a question I think others could answer (tollef, sky,
| phk?). I really do not know.

It's somewhat hard to do and not really on the list for now.  If
somebody shows up with a patch or money to fund the development, we can
take a look at it, but for now, it's nowhere near the top of list of
features we want to implement.


| Needless to say, this could be valid and very useful.

Absolutely, it's a completely valid feature request.

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