client keepalive on high trafic site

Václav Bílek v.bilek at
Thu Sep 10 10:10:44 CEST 2009

>> If it is too much for that, one dirty workaround is to define
>> yourself as a backend, and send all IE6 to pass with yourself
>> as backend, that way you get a cache-hit, but can use vcl_fetch
>> on the pass transaction to nuke the connection closed header.

Pass for IE6 did not solve the problem, I had to pipe it which means its
 uncachable :(

are there any workarounds or tweaks for IE in Varnish? ... for example
when IE asks for something by http1.1 protokol why is the answer in http
1.0 ? Is there any way how to force response to be the same protocol

Vaclav Bilek

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