feature request: Direct control of directors via controll connection

Gerhard Schmidt schmidt at ze.tum.de
Thu Sep 17 10:15:44 CEST 2009


we are trying to replace our squid reverse proxy with varnish.
We are running a management software that allows us to dynamically start,
stop and move server between hosted sites for maintaince and dynamic load
distribution. In squid this is implemented via a redirector script.

Right now I'm trying to implement this by dynamically writing new
config-files with different director settings and loading them via the
control connection.

The feature i would like to see, is a direct control of the directors via
control connection.

director.list           list all defined directors
director.getbackends	list all backends of a director
director.addbackend	add a backend to a director
director.delbackend	deletes a backend form a director
director.setbackend	changes backendsettings like .weight etc.


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