how storing objects for a given time, regardless of expire info from back-end?

Dirk Taggesell dirk.taggesell at
Mon Apr 12 18:18:34 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I am just trying to get familiar with varnish. I installed the latest
version 2.1.0 and with the minimal config it works as intended:

backend default {
    .host = "";
    .port = "80";

But the back-end sends an expires-header of "0", thus varnish tries to
fetch the item again from the back-end for every client requesting it.
So I need a simple rule that tells varnish to just cache every object
for say 2h, regardless what the back-end says. I just have to prevent
varnish to ask the back-end at every request.

Unfortunately the config language is not entirely self-explaining. and
most expamples on the web won't work (too old?).
Can anyone help me?

Dirk Taggesell

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