Proxying POST body through Varnish

Paul Carey paul.p.carey at
Mon Apr 12 20:17:31 CEST 2010


I've been trying out Varnish with CouchDB. CouchDB is a
document-oriented data store where documents are keyed by id. To
retrieve a list of documents from CouchDB a POST is made to
/db_name/_all_docs with a JSON encoded list of keys as the body.

For example:

curl -X POST -d '{"keys":["bar","foo"]}'

I'd like Varnish to cache these requests. My VCL config defines
vcl_recv and doesn't 'pass' on POSTs that match _all_docs. However,
CouchDB doesn't like the POST requests proxied through Varnish,
returning an error message stating 'invalid UTF-8 JSON'. I suspect
Varnish is stripping the POST body. I say this because when I run
varnishlog I see a Rx Content-Length header received by Varnish but
not a corresponding Tx header proxied to CouchDB.

If it's likely that this is what's happening, is there any many to get
Varnish to pass the POST body along?

Many thanks


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