sticky load balancing: a core feature or

Niklas Norberg niklas.norberg at
Wed Apr 14 19:27:29 CEST 2010

ons 2010-04-14 klockan 10:10 -0700 skrev Rob Rogers:

> finally, per adding this config to MY config. how do you do that? That
> is, i don't want to just copy and paste this vcl snippet into my main
> varnish.vcl. Is there a way to include vcls from vcls?

Include VCL-snips with:

include "/etc/varnish/c.vcl";
include "/etc/varnish/subs.vcl";
include "/etc/varnish/defaultBackend.vcl";
include "/etc/varnish/backends.vcl";
include "/etc/varnish/LBsubs.vcl";

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Niklas Norberg

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