varnish restart and cached objects

Simon Effenberg se at
Tue Apr 13 12:27:39 CEST 2010


i tried the following workflow:

- GET /bla.js

  vcl_recv  => lookup
  vcl_fetch => obj comes back but with a content-length of "0" so:
        if (obj.http.Content-Length == "0") {
                set obj.grace = 60s;

- wanted:
  vcl_recv  => grace is used so the already cached (but timed out over 
               ttl) object will be send out

- got 4x:
  vcl_recv  => lookup
  vcl_fetch => .. like above
  => client gets an Guru Meditation

I don't know how to force varnish to use the cached object even its ttl
is 0.

I'm using varnish 2.0.6 and for completion in vcl_recv req.grace is 12h
and vcl_fetch obj.grace is 12h.

Can anyone help me?

Thx a lot..

B.Sc. Simon Effenberg


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