how storing objects for a given time, regardless of expire info from back-end?

Florian Holzhauer fh at
Tue Apr 13 17:10:46 CEST 2010

Hey Dirk,

Am 13.04.10 17:03, schrieb Dirk Taggesell:
> Message from VCC-compiler:
> Variable 'obj.ttl' not accessible in method 'vcl_fetch'.
> At: (input Line 13 Pos 7)
>    set obj.ttl = 7200s;
> ------#######---------

Iirc you stated in your initial mail that you are using varnish 2.1.0 - 
obj.* was replaced by beresp.* at vcl_fetch in varnish 2.1, maybe that 
is the reason for the behaviour.


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