munin plugin varnish_ - howto add support for multiple instances

Harald Friessnegger harald at
Mon Aug 16 11:04:32 CEST 2010

hi all

i was asking to support multiple instances in a previous post 
( earlier this 

in the meantime i was pointed to a similar request that solved the backward 
compatiblity problem:

i added the patch to the current revision of the varnish_  munin plugin

since i felt using the varnish instance name in the graph title is not the 
safest bet (since it might be an absolute path too) if modified the original 
suggestion a little.

see for the changelog

now you can safely install sylinks in the plugins directory and configure 
multiple instances

ln -s varnish_ /etc/munin/plugins/varnish_proj1__expunge
ln -s varnish_ /etc/munin/plugins/varnish_proj2__expunge

and add a configuration for both of them

env.varnishstat varnishstat instance1
env.graphname Project One

env.varnishstat varnishstat instance2
env.graphname Project Two

maybe you wanna add this to

kind regards, 

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