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]] "Hettwer, Marian" 

| Hi,
| On 03.12.10 10:50, "Tollef Fog Heen" <tfheen at varnish-software.com> wrote:
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| >Hi,
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| >We're getting close to 2.1.5 and I haven't received enough testing
| >reports.  If people could test the tar.gz available in
| >http://varnish-cache.org/~tfheen/varnish-2.1.5pre1.tar.gz that would be
| >most welcome.  Report back to me privately or on the list.
| Any specific testing needed? Anything to watch out for?

The high-profile bugs from 2.1.4 that I want to make sure are fixed are
requests with If-Modified-Since together with pass, that those don't
generate any kinds of timeouts, as well as well as making sure if a
backend sets Content-Length and you pass, we don't add our own.

In addition, whatever you can throw at it in terms of normal and
irregular traffic is welcome.

| If not, I'll just give it a try. We have a pretty straight forward setup
| of varnish at work (2 directors, health checks, nothing fancy).


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