very long page load on chrome after POST

Albert Skibinski albert at
Thu Dec 9 11:36:27 CET 2010

I've got server running latest varnish 2.1.4 on debian/apache with mod-php
and everything is working fine for sites who are using the reverse proxy.
(in my case some drupal sites)
Other drupal sites who are not using the cache work fine, but with two
annoying glitches:

1. in chrome, a page load after a POST action takes forever (45 seconds
average). This does not happen in other browsers.
2. A page refresh (F5) on the sites with no cache also takes about that time
(in all browers)

I did a lot of research and I'm pretty sure it's not the VCL. I'm using a
vcl comparable with something like

I also found this which
looks related to #1?
Maybe these are known issues which are fixed in 2.1.5?

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