ICP / cache_peer for varnish

Anand Shah anand at rediff-inc.com
Wed Dec 8 09:27:59 CET 2010



Is it possible to use the squid command "cache_peer" in varnish?? Does
Varnish support ICP for inter-cache co-ordination.



There is no cache peering in Varnish. What could be the best possible option
to achieve it using varnish. ICP should be implemented in varnish to make it
perform much faster.


I have a multi datacenter environment and using around 40 varnish systems to



1. Restarts/hangs remove all cache contents. (Cache persistency required)

2. Varnish cache masters and peers across different hubs. (Currently using
squid for byte range support and cache peer)



I want complete varnish architecture to make web faster for me. Please








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(Sorry if I'm not following protocol; I don't see where to submit this on
the site.)


The varnishstat hitrate average header will display "nan" instead of the
expected information if the user resizes the terminal window, or if the user
presses any of the arrow keys. 


I am running the official debs for 2.1.2-1~hardy1 on amd64 and running
varnishstat over SSH from Terminal.app. 

Jacob Elder


(646) 535-3379



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