Realizing vhosts with varnish

Frank Helmschrott fhelmschrott at
Thu Dec 16 13:33:57 CET 2010

> Is this verbatim? Should be == for comparison; with just an = you'll get
> an error:
> Message from VCC-compiler:
> Invalid condition '=' on IP number variable
>  only '==', '!=' and '~' are legal
> (/etc/varnish/inc-serverips.vcl Line 2 Pos 15)
> if (server.ip = "")

I corrected this but this doesn't change anything to the behaviour.

All i get logged into /var/log/messages is this line:

> Dec 16 20:28:46 cache01 varnishd[2787]: Manager got SIGINT

Everything that is in the VCLs that get loaded by the part of the
script that i posted here shouldn't make any problems as that part
works perfectly without the "vhost selection" used here. So the
problems seems to be inside this.

Is it a problem to have more than one sub vcl_recv? There's more of
that in the loaded files. Or does this if/else stuff have to go into
vcl_recv anyway? I just copied over this solution from the URL given
in my first post
( to have a
good starting point. They don't tell anything about that sub function
there but i thought it should be inside vcl_recv().

Besides from that that is everything i have in my defaul.vcl for now.

Thanks for all your help.


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