unset cookie in vcl_recv not working

Marko Kruijer marko at oktober.nl
Thu Dec 16 16:06:09 CET 2010

I'm trying to set up varnish and I'm struggling with the vcl configuration.
I took the default.vcl and modified the subroutine vcl_recv, my first 
goal was to cache pages that send cookies as well.

At first I tried to remove a certain cookie, but after many failures I 
just put 'unset req.http.cookie;' in the vcl_fetch.

If my website doesn't send cookies, everything is being cached fine (60 
secs at the moment). But When sending cookies, even with my unset cookie 
config, Varnish does not cache the pages.

What approach do I need to use to make this work or debug this? I think 
I'm missing something obvious, but what?


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