Realizing vhosts with varnish

Stefan Pommerening pom at
Thu Dec 16 18:41:52 CET 2010

Ok, very good statement - normally I know the override mechanism used by 
the custom VCL.
Nevertheless my last email was incorrect - sorry for that.

But: What happens when you include a vcl_recv INSIDE another vcl_recv 
This is what Frank did.


Am 16.12.2010 17:59, schrieb Per Buer:
> On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 2:30 PM, Stefan Pommerening <pom at 
> <mailto:pom at>> wrote:
>     of couse you only need one single vcl_recv subroutine. This
>     applies to all vcl subroutines.
>     I usually start with grabbing the default vcl and then add
>     everything I need to the existing (default) subroutines.
>     If you use the include statement you have to keep in mind that
>     inclusion is a textual
>     substitution - therefore no repeated definition of vcl_recv (or
>     even other subroutines)
>     is allowed.
> Actually, multiple definitions of the same subroutine is allowed. They 
> are then concatenated, the flow being terminated only by the return 
> statements. This is how the default VCL get overridden by your custom 
> VCL.
> There is a good example in the man vcl. Of course, this might get very 
> confusing when you have multiple vcl_recv subroutines spread over 
> several included files. Caution advised. :-)
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