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Roberto O. Fernández Crisial roberto.fernandezcrisial at
Thu Dec 30 16:47:36 CET 2010


I am trying to find out how many memory is being used and how many memory is
free from varnish cache.

I have two servers running varnish (varnish-2.1.3 SVN), and both started
with "-s malloc,28G" option.

I've tried with varnishstat, looking for sma's values (I think "sma_balloc +
sma_bfree = 28G"), but only in one server shows "correct" information:

sma_balloc       1641487715428          .   SMA bytes allocated
sma_bfree        1611596371850          .   SMA bytes free

The other server shows:

sma_balloc       239065444117          .   SMA bytes allocated
sma_bfree        226776048576          .   SMA bytes free

What should I do to see the memory used and memory free from varnish cache?

Thank you.

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