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On 1-2-2010 9:53, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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>> Varnishhist looks cool.. It really does.. But what value is shown on the
>> x-axis? Ths man page shows: "The horizontal scale is logarithmic", but I
>> have no idea WHAT it graphs. (object size, ttlb,  etc)
> It shows how long time Varnish spent, from it had the full request
> from the kernel, until it delivered the response to the kernel.

So for my understanding (oversimplified): This is the number of seconds
it takes Varnish to 'get the result', either from the backend or from
it's cache?

> You got a pretty damn fast backend there...

The backends are IIS machines (dual Xeon X5570 with 32GB RAM) running
ASP.NET web applications, which also serve a lot of content from
memory.. They can be quite fast at times ;)


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