Survey; how do you use Varnish?

Sam Crawford samcrawford at
Tue Feb 2 14:27:58 CET 2010

1) ~20 (Mixture of production and development environments, spread
across London, Tokyo and New York)

2) Low figures - 300-500 hits/s at peak. A lot of our backends have
very high latency though (~200ms just to connect to the server), and
are predominantly static content, so caching speeds up application
loading considerably.

3) Global corporate intranet (Finance sector)

4) No, but we have looked at it. The lack of user/entitlements
awareness put us off it, and we moved the logic to another layer.

5) #1 - GZIP compression
    #2 - SSL support (I know, I know...) - both for accepting incoming
connections, and for outgoing connections to backends



On 29 January 2010 14:48, Per Andreas Buer <per.buer at> wrote:
> Hi list.
> I'm working for Redpill Linpro, you might have heard of us - we're the main sponsor of Varnish development. We're a bit curious about how Varnish is used, what features are used and what is missing. What does a typical installation look like? The information you would choose to reveal to me would be aggregated and deleted and I promise you I won't use it for any sales activities or harass you in any way. We will pubish the result on this list if the feedback is significant. If you have the time and would like to help us please take some time and answer the questions in a direct mail to me. Thanks.
> 1) How many servers do you have running Varnish?
> 2) What sort of total load are you having? Mbit/s or hits per second are preferred metrics.
> 3) What sort of site is it?
>  *) Online media
>  *) Cooperate website ( or similar)
>  *) Retail
>  *) Educational
>  *) Social website
> 4) Do you use ESI?
> 5) What features are you missing from Varnish. Max three features, prioritized. Please refer to for features.
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