Survey; how do you use Varnish?

Per Andreas Buer per.buer at
Mon Feb 8 12:22:21 CET 2010


A short summary of what I've found. This was a rather superficial survey - I hope we can come back with a more thorough one after VUG2.

A typical varnish installation is either 2-4 dedicated servers or 10-20 servers running more or less the complete stack on every server. Only 2 out of 14 use ESI but three are planning to deploy ESI soon. I personally think ESI adoption is relatively high considering ESI is more or less a Varnish-only feature (few Akamai customers seem to use ESI because Akamai charges quite a lot extra for enabling it).

The most wanted feature is persistence and gzip, 9 points each. The hash director is also much asked about - 6 points. The DNS director is also (to me) surprisingly popular - I believe Kristian has an implementation of it for the 2.0 series so it shouldn't be to long a wait for this one. Better cookie handling is also a common request.

Varnish is used everywhere. No area of business stood out - maybe except "online media" which is quite an empty term since it covers a lot.

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