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Tue Feb 9 14:59:27 CET 2010

In message <52220de01002090612t6617242eleb63812bfd2ce628 at>, Per B
uer writes:

>Therefore RL has decided to form a separate company around Varnish:
>Varnish Software AS. The company will initially consist of Tollef Fog
>Heen, Kristian Lyngstøl and myself, all moving from Redpill Linpro.

Welcome Varnish Software!

Although there has never been doubt about Redpill-Linpros heart
being the right place for Varnish, it has never really fit that
well into the RL organization.  A new small focused company sounds
just like what the doctor ordered :-)

As you have guessed by now, I knew about these plans already, and
no, I will not be joining Varnish Software.

I will continue my own little company, where, I develop Varnish,
funded by the Varnish Moral Licenses and do other stuff for my other

Per has indicated that Varnish Software will pick up a Varnish Moral
License, to replace my current arrangement with RL, so the amount
of time I have available for Varnish is unchanged.

This is a good time to officially thank RL, and now Varnish Software,
for running our the Varnish project server for the Varnish Project:
Much appreciated!

This new development, does give me an excuse for "growing up" the
project a bit, so I have, hopefully for the last time, used my
dictatorial powers and appointed:

        Arther "sky" Bergman (users)
        Kristan Lyngstol (commercial)
        Poul-Henning Kamp (developers)

to the "Interrim Varnish Governing Board", which is tasked with
coming up with some sort of sensible project bylaws, ready for
ratification no later than VUG3.  (mail us your ideas, input etc)

So, back to the keyboards and see you at VUG2 in Amsterdam

(Until further notice: Defacto Ruler of The Varnish Project)

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