ESI include inserts garbage code

Bert-Jan de Lange bert-jan at
Fri Feb 12 00:08:53 CET 2010

Hi folks,

I'm experimenting with ESI and something weird has come up: varnish is 
adding garbage code to the output.
The public address is the production varnish that doesn't use this yet, 
so you'll need to edit your hosts-file:

My sample page is

It switches randomly between 3 diferent includes all of which are cached:

The extra code looks like checksums. They are consistent for each include.

The relevant debug lines from varnishlog are:
     7 Debug        c "tag {include 
src="/news/hbpplayer/review_id/1370977981"} 0 1 0"
     7 Debug        c "Incl " src="/news/hbpplayer/review_id/1370977981"""

     7 Debug        c "tag {include 
src="/news/hbpplayer/review_id/1600813923"} 0 1 0"
     7 Debug        c "Incl " src="/news/hbpplayer/review_id/1600813923"""

     7 Debug        c "tag {include 
src="/news/hbpplayer/review_id/1271683253"} 0 1 0"
     7 Debug        c "Incl " src="/news/hbpplayer/review_id/1271683253"""

And near the end of a request:
     7 Debug        c "herding"

I'm running varnish 2.0.6 from ports on freebsd 7.2


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