bind Varnish to IP Adress (Outgoing)

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Sun Jan 3 05:02:20 CET 2010

As a workaround, on Linux (at least) you could emulate this with an iptables SNAT rule, but it does have less performance potential.

On Jan 2, 2010, at 12:23 AM, Mike Schiessl wrote:

> >From the shopping list:
> >     Does this make sense ? Routing is based on the routes, and the outgoing address should be the one >that matches the route interface ?
> Well in my opinion it does make sense, at the time you start playing with multiple ips on the varnish host.
> Varnish always will use the ip from the main iface, not the ip I want varnish to use. If you are using firewalls it could be very useful to care only about one ip ;)
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