can backend trigger pipe?

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Mon Jan 4 10:56:08 CET 2010

]] Gaute Amundsen 

| Is there any other way to handle this than to hardcode "pipe" for those
| urls in vcl_recv?

In 2.0.x, there's no way to do this, other than hardcoding the list of
URLs (or a prefix or suffix match, of course).  In 2.1, vcl_fetch will
be run after the headers have been received and while it's not currently
possible to pipe at that point, I don't see why we couldn't add that

| Any way for the script to return a header that can tell vcl_fetch to
| pipe? Or is that too late?

You could use ugly workarounds like having the script send back a
X-Please-Pipe: yes and close the connection and then restart in
vcl_fetch after setting a req.http.x-pipe = «yes».

| Am I right to assume that "pass" is not intended to work in a case like
| this?

Correct.  At least not yet.

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