LostHeader when dealing with RxHeaders

Jim Hayter jhayter at manta.com
Wed Jan 6 16:06:11 CET 2010

OS is Solaris 10 on intel hardware.

Other man pages render fine.  Here is what my man page for varnishd
looks like.  There is no formatting and there seem to be parts of
sentences missing.

> man varnishd
Reformatting page.  Please Wait... done
The daemon accepts HTTP requests from clients, passes them on  to
a  backend  server  and  caches  the returned documents to better
satisfy future requests for the  same  document.   The  following
options  are available:  Listen for client requests on the speci-
fied and The can be a host name an IPv4 dotted-quad  or  an  IPv6
address  enclosed  in  square  brackets If is not specified, will
listen on all available IPv4 and  IPv6  interfaces.   If  is  not
specified,  the default HTTP port as listed in is used.  Multiple
listening addresses and ports can be specified as  a  whitespace-
or  comma-separated  list.   Use the specified as backend server.
If is not specified, the  default  is  8080.   Enables  debugging
mode.  This causes to fork; the child process daemonizes and runs
as usual, while the parent process remains attached to  the  con-
sole  and will accept management commands from If the parent pro-
cess receives it will terminate, but the child process will  con-
tinue  to run.  The child process will not start accepting client
connections until the command is given.  If the flag is specified
twice,  the child process will not daemonize, and terminating the
parent process will also terminate the child.  Run in  the  fore-
ground.   Use the specified VCL configuration file instead of the
builtin default.  See for details on VCL syntax.   Specifies  the
name  of  an unprivileged group to which the child process should
switch  before  it  starts  accepting  connections.   This  is  a
shortcut  for  specifying  the run-time parameter.  Specifies the
hash algorithm.  See for a list of supported algorithms.  Specify
size  of shmlog file.  Scaling suffixes like 'k', 'm' can be used
up to (e)tabytes.  Default is 80 Megabytes.  Specifying less than
8 Megabytes is unwise.  Specify a name for this instance.  Amonst
other things, this name is used to  construct  the  name  of  the
directory  in  which  keeps temporary files and persistent state.
If the specified name begins with a forward slash, it  is  inter-


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]] "Jim Hayter" 

| I found ticket 455 and increased the HTTP_HDR_MAX_VAL in configure.

I think we might want to increase the default somewhat here; you're not
the first to run into this problem.

| On another item, the man pages for Varnish do not render correctly on
| system.  It looks as if anywhere there should be something in bold, or
| italics, etc that the text is missing.  Any thoughts on what I need to
| do to see the man pages?

Sounds like man is confused.  Does other man pages with bold and italics
work correctly?  What OS are you on?

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