VCL config file for specific URLs

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Sat Jan 9 08:09:36 CET 2010

Finally back to looking at Varnish for our overwhelmed site.

Working on our default.vcl file.  Have a simple, perhaps obvious question.

We want to put Varnish in front of our application server.   There are
cookies coming from the app server, but we have told Varnish to ignore
unset req.http.cookie

That works fine, but we want Varnish to only do this on certain pages.

More simply and shorter in number we want Varnish to adhere to the
cookies only on certain user customizeable pages.

For example (cache these in Varnish):

DO NOTE CACHE THESE - pipe to backend:

Any ideas on how to best go about providing a list of URLs to pipe in
our default.vcl file?


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