feature request cache refresh

Martin Boer martin.boer at netclever.nl
Tue Jan 19 09:12:09 CET 2010

Hi all,

I would like to see the following feature in varnish;
during the grace period varnish will serve requests from the cache but 
simultaniously does a backend request and stores the new object.

As varnish is much faster than backend servers this will give the end 
user the fastest experience possible and at the same time dynamic web pages
will be both dynamicish and cached at the same time.

If anyone has a workable workaround to achieve the same results I'm very 

The reason I would like this feature is because our webshop has almost 
hourly changing prices. This means we can't cache all related pages (or 
not for very long) and at the same time that the backends receive a 
requests they have to rebuild data from several databases which is slow.



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