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>We have 4 balancers, each running FreeBSD 7.2 with 'device carp'
>compiled in. I haven't dared upgrade to 8.0 yet, because I had problems
>on my testmachine earlier with ipv6 and carp interfaces on 8.0.

It sounds mostly like a resource issue, but I can't say exactly from
what you have provided.

You can consider increasing the "cli_timeout" parameter a bit
and see if it is simply a matter of a busy machine.

Are you running on 32 bit or 64 bit machines ?

If 32bit, you have to be pretty careful about not overrunning the
VM space available (only approx 2G)

Use FreeBSD's gstat to see what your disk-activity is like,
pay particular attention to the service times (ms/r & ms/w cols)

Also check your varnishlog and varnishstat for signs of trouble...

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